Silky Soft PARATHA 20 pieces Family pack 1400gm

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          Silky Soft PARATHA

  • Size – 1400g
  • Freezing – IQF
  • Preparation – Frozen
  • Packing – 20 pieces in 1400g

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Selected grain flour is used to make this Traditional Silky Soft PARATHA (family pack of 1400g). Vegetable oil is used at minimum portion to ensure no extra oil required to server this PARATHA. No saturate fat. 100% HALAL.

Suggest to fry/bake straight out of  frozen packet

BAKING INSTRUCTION: Do not defrost Silky Soft PARATHA before heating. Bake Frozen Silky Soft PARATHA right out of packet. Open packet and remove each Silky Soft PARATHA from thin poly sheet. Put frozen Silky Soft PARATHA on Pre heat pan on medium heat. Once brown color, squeeze randomly while Silky Soft PARATHA on pan using two spoon or stick.

  • 30 to 40 second on one side
  • 30 to 40 second on other side
  • Press gently on the edges and its ready to serve.
  • Weight:
    1.30 kg

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